It’s a lot.

Don’t look at me like that,
Take your pitiful eyes away.
Don’t try to make it better now
It’s still hard for me to stay.

It’s not just you, for that matter;
Everything is a lot.
A terrible person I am for thinking that
For you, it is not.


Spain and I feel amazing

I am here! On my very own holiday in Spain! It’s amazing. Together with my halfyear-older cousin I flew to my granddad and his wife’s yesterday evening. As soon as we sat down we got an overload of bread with salmon. We went to bed and this morning we were up very early because of the heat. I love it.
It’s sunny, very hot, dry and wonderful. My granddad lives in a nice house with a big garden around it, and less than 100m away there is a community pool. It’s very quiet there most of the time. My cousin and I have spent the first half of the day next to and in the pool. Then we had lunch and a little siësta. Now I am relaxing on the couch outside in the shadow.
Everytime I send a snapchat to one of my friends I see that I look different than I did back home. It might be the tan I got from the pool but I also think it’s because I am less worried, more relaxed and I can’t be bothered by school anymore for a while. I feel better than ever. Everything is fine.

Homage for Holland

Through the car windows I can see kilometers of long, flat countryside that my dear Holland allows me.
Hard piano notes that form the melody of Holiday In Spain make my ears hurt but I don’t care. The song makes me long to my actual holiday in Spain coming summer. I’m not listening to the original version but to a duet from Counting Crows together with my favourite homecountry-band Bløf. It’s mixed Dutch and English and moves me in a special way.
A little sun shines on my shoulder, carefully peeking a keek from behind a cloud. Holland is known for its rainy days and dark clouded skies above a flat landscape. It still offers me much joy, though. The summers can be, when they actually come through, very hot and beautiful. They allow me and my friends to have the times of our lives while we’re growing up. Holland’s winterlandscapes are charming too.
Still my heart belongs to summer.
Though I am going to have a wonderful time in hot Spain, which I will never forget, I will always find my home back in lovely Holland.
Holland, where my heart lies, and where I will always belong.


Longing to days in the sun. Evenings round a fire. Nights on the sand. Mornings on sailing-boats. Afternoons on the grass. Hours in parks making flower pendulums and listening to old rockabillysongs. Minutes of breath-gasping after long moments of laughter and giggling over stupid jokes. Sleepless nights and whining over sunburnt faces. Summer.

This is now, this is us.

On a bed. Soft of pillows. Here I lay. Guitar strums stroke my ear and then get lost in the hot air of the room. Old lyrics are mumbled to the beat. Chocolate is being eaten and wrappings being fumbled up. Bandana’s are being tied around heads and denim jackets thrown over chairs. Soda cans are left through the room. These chill nights under dimmed lights with no frights.

Just a little poem i wrote


So many things to blog about,
But so little time.

Whilst laying in bed,
I started to rhyme.

To rhyme about thoughts,
And about life.

Laying in dark,
I started to write.

To write on my blog,
And in my mind.

And while reading this,
I hope you will find,

That my rhyming skill,
Isn’t ‘Shakespeare-like’.


I had real much fun writing this, haha.